We are Bravamano, we want to put something memorable in your hand.

At Bravamano, We love coffee. Our work took us around the World and we loved drinking coffee in the different regions. We wanted to bring that same experience to you. We source the best beans from around the World to bring you the ultimate coffee drinking experience. We look forward to you tasting you first cup and seeing why people are falling in love with our coffee!

“This coffee is so delightful! Earthy and rich in flavor! I have a new addiction and its a good thing!”

~Kimberly H.

“This is the best coffee!!! I drink mine with a ton of cream and sugar and I could drink these straight black!!! No bitterness!!”

~Jessica C

“The coffee was the best I have tasted in years! My grandson has to have his cup every morning!”

~Ag W

Leather was one of the first materials man used to craft articles for his daily needs, thousands of years later we are still doing it. But now we can afford to bring beauty and form to our leather goods.

We take bikes and customize them with a unique look and add extra accessories to compliment the overall look of the bike.


It was 1983 when I first saw my father turning a piece of rusted metal into a wonderful tool, a knife. We were farmers living near Patagonia in the south of Argentina, the winters were brutal and the forge room was a nice place to be when the Pampero wind hauled outside the windows, bringing that particular biting cold from Patagonia. So I learned the rudiments of knife making and leather working more as a distraction than a serious task, maybe that’s why I always enjoyed it so much.


After I graduated high school I had a burning sense of adventure so I joined the United States Army as an infantryman. After several deployments and a brief stint as a civilian contractor, I decided it was time to get back to the US. I stumbled upon a really good job and after several years of that, I grew very tired of the corporate world and resorted back to my original passion of ranching. I now spend my days running a cattle ranch in southeast Texas and am really enjoying the slower pace of life with some actual time to slow down and enjoy a fine cup of coffee!